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      Hi! I signed a contract with a record label based in Louisiana, the term of which is designated to last “in perpetuity”. However Louisiana civil code 2024 states
      “A contract of unspecified duration may be terminated at the will of either party by giving notice, reasonable in time and form, to the other party.”
      Would “in perpetuity” fall under the category of being unspecified duration, or am I really locked into this contract until the end of time? Thank you!

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      It would take a visit with a lawyer to look at the details.

      Yes, it is against public policy to allow contracts of uncertain length and the contract could be voided on that basis. This is generally done by looking at all the surrounding facts to determine what is “reasonable” as to length of time.

      One other aspect here is that many, many contracts are drawn up to make a person believe that they are in a legal trap when, in fact, they may not be -and the person preparing the contract knows that full well. These are generally know as contracts of adhesion -a contract where the writer of the contract has all the bargaining power.

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