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      It has now been past 30 days that I moved out of my last rental. I texted my landlord that I have not yet received my deposit. She says I never gave her a forwarding address, when to my knowledge It was on the envelope with my key in it. Regardless of this she has had my permanent address( my parents’) on all my paperwork. She accused me of trying to corner her so I could file a claim. This same landlady had violated the lease 3 times by showing up to my apartment without notice, with witnesses present. She has been nothing but trouble and extremely rude to all her tenants. Neither one of us can prove if I gave her the address because she could have just lost the envelope, does that affect the law stating she has to return my deposit in 30 days? She never asked for my forwarding address after she claimed she didnt receive it.

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      Seems u are required to note your forwarding address on your letter to vacate

      A landlord cannot assume anything nor mail to anywhere u have not specified

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