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      my now ex-wife filed a protective order on me in juvenile court and i haven’t seen my kids in a year and a half. i’m ordered to pay 329.00 a week (only going off of my income does not include her income) (leaves me with nothing to live on myself) in child support. i’m ordered to send payments directly to her child support isn’t even through the state. this all started back in Feb. 2014 we divorced in April 2015. my question is: if i file for custody (judge said either of us could go file for custody) in district court will it pull everything out of juvenile court. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for anyone’s help.

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      We can’t give advice based on sketchy fact situations, but juvenile court usually issues orders of a temporary nature.

      District court (or family court in parishes that have a family court) has original jurisdiction to decide custody matters. So, yes, filing for custody and/or visitation and to establish the proper amount of support would be done there.

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