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    I need an example of the format and instructions on what all is needed to submit an heir-list to an open succession in a Louisiana parish.

    Initial paperwork did not any heirs, when there are plenty living 1st cousins.

    I have the list of heirs, and their full contact information on the paternal and maternal side of the deceased.

    All other forms have been filed.

    Thank you.

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    Initial paperwork did not any heirs

    Does that mean that a succession was opened and that an Affidavit of Death and Heirship was filed? That is usually what someone means when a list of heirs is mentioned.

    Now, that being said, only heirs (called “legatees” if there is a will) that would inherit are usually mentioned. If there are children, spouse, and so on, then cousins, etc., would not be listed anywhere in the succession because they would not stand to inherit anything.

    If that is not the case and there are heirs who should be listed because there are no closer relatives, then someone needs to intervene in the succession. Unfortunately, that would require hiring a lawyer to do it properly.

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