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    Original post:My son and his fiancee are splitting up and they have a minor child. Every two weeks she has taken their son to visit my son (he is incarcerated) but now that they are splitting up she doesn’t want the child to have anything to do with us or my son. They are splitting up because it is just to hard on her to keep a relationship with him when he isn’t around. I fully understand that she needs more but I don’t see why that should have and effect on their son. What forms can I file to get grandparents rights? Or what do I have to do.

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    Reply:There are no forms, per se. You will need to go to a lawyer who has experience with not only family law in general, but specifically grandparents rights. I suggest you read through all the information here in the Law Articles under Grandparent Visitation first.

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    richard johnson

    Grandparents rights are different state by stateIn Louisiana, A court may award visitation rights if the child's parent is deceased or declared legally incompetent, a grandparent is the parent of the deceased or incompetent parent to the grandchild, and visitation is in the child's best interest. Adoption cuts off the visitation rights of grandparents except in circumstances where the grandparents are the parents of a deceased party to the marriage or the parents of a party who has forfeited his or her rights to object to the child's adoption. .

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    It is very rare in Louisiana for grandparents to be given rights.

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    I agree with all the comments above. Every Grandparent should be given a right for their decisions on the property. I remember the days of my granny when she was living at my aunt’s house and was dealing with loneliness after the death of my grandfather. Then knowing her condition my father decided to call elder care for taking care of elderly parents at home who will look after her and will support her in taking decisions.

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