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    Family member has been kicked out of house by wife and now refuses to allow him to come get his clothes and personal items. What course of action does he need to take? Sheriff office has been absolutely no help…

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    Is there some pending court action -separation suit or anything?

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    There is not.

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    Perhaps husband should go ahead and file for a separation. If things are this bad it is probably going in that direction anyway.

    One big reason is to get a filing date which would terminate the community retroactive from the divorce decree to the original filing date.

    And, as a bonus, it would cost very little more to ask the court to order her to turn over all of husband’s personal items in her possession and to determine things like who should get to stay in the house and who should be paying the other the rental value of the house. A quick consultation with a lawyer would fill in all the details -the pros and the cons of being the first to file.

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    She has since put herself in the hospital and we have retrieved his clothes. He will be seeing an attorney this week. Thanks for the input.

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