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      I didn’t see a heading for this question. I work in a university, have a B.S. degree, also a notary for the university. I have been working quite a few years. In the department that I work there was no one working with students to get their ” 4 year game plan” and in general advising. The department had no one to do this job. I started doing the advising, etc. and also recruiting of students into the major. The “real faculty” advisors in the department were not that great in student rapport. I wrote a document on “how to be better advisor” mostly just common sense and worked with teachers in developing student rapport techniques. This has been very successful. No one in the department does recruiting. I took on this job. It has been extremely successful. Like one year I recruited 30 students. I am writing a job description, here is the question:
      If I have been doing a job successfully with the approval of the department. Can I qualify the job by virtue of the fact that I have been doing the job successfully for over 5 years ? In some jobs, people perform jobs by virtue that they are in the position.
      for example, you have notaries that work for DMV but they are a notary only on their job. Could I qualify for the job by the fact that I have been doing it ?
      thanks. I know there is a way to do this but not sure. thanks.

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      It usually boils down the the employer’s own requirements to fill a job position. This will often entail educational requirements and/or experience requirements.

      However, any institution should be able to waive their own rules under the right circumstances. In addition, if you are writing the job description for the job you are doing, can’t you key everything to your own background and experience?

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