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    As I understand the law- once a neighbor puts up a fence it becomes a “common” fence. We also understand the laws of cutting limbs etc

    What we want to know is can we attach hardware wire or chicken wire to our side so vines don’t grow through and the neighbor can’t “reach” through with machete and cut roots and small limbs of our vine on our side owners ok with vines. Tenants causing trouble but owners won’t correct them

    Fence is iron like wrought iron with 3 inch spacing between the bars

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    once a neighbor puts up a fence it becomes a “common” fence

    Actually, I’m not sure I would agree with that. There are certain situations where that can be the case, certainly in New Orleans.

    Where a property owner puts up a fence on his property, it is his fence sitting on his property. A typical subdivision fence does not straddle the property line with 2 inches of the post on one side and 2 inches on the other. Assuming that is the case, then permission would be necessary to alter the fence.

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