can we live on the land ?

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    Grandparent died . Land given to children but not actually divided. Heir wants to live on property. Everyone agrees to give property to heir that wants to live there. Can they individually sign notarized paper giving their share to one individual even though property hasn’t been divided into individual lots. Everyone wants to give the property to this one heir.
    If that is not possible can everyone agree to give her executorship. Then can she have everyone sign property over to her or at least be able to live there so electricity and water can be turned on to the property. There is no running water or electricity at this tine.
    What has to be done for her to be able to live on property and have utilities installed and turned on.

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    Was there a succession? Was land “given” prior to his death? If not, the title to the land would be uncertain and nobody would have any legal right to give a portion or all of it away.

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