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    Good evening,

    To make a long story short, My boyfriend and I signed a 12 month lease to a “luxury” apartment complex in Southwest Louisiana. This was our first time renting and we expected everything to be… CLEAN. Our lease was signed, THEN we did a walk through and everything looked okay. The leasing agent gave us a paper to turn in within 5 days of moving in and if anything was found broken or messed up our deposit would not be affected at the end of the 12 month lease.

    It is now day NINE and we are still NOT moved in to the apartment due to a huge bug infestation and non-working appliances. There was an ant colony under the water heater, silverfish, and roaches. On top of that the garbage disposal was not working, there were no oven racks, and the apartment was filthy…

    I provided pictures to the leasing agent, she stated the unit was cleaned before we arrived. I asked her about bugs before I signed the lease… She stated “we have the occasional silverfish” but nothing major. I told her that I am allergic to ants, so an exterminator was called and most of the ants were exterminated, however… We went there tonight and I still saw live roaches. It’s almost as if it was a completely different apartment than the one shown to us at our first visit…

    I cannot live with bugs at $975 per month. I can’t take the risk of an allergic reaction due to an ant bite. I’m quite frankly disgusted and can’t understand how someone would consider this apartment clean and habitable in anyway shape or form other than at surface value. I’m also frustrated with myself because I know I should have done more research but the place looked so nice. It was a total facade!

    Is there ANYWAY we can get out of this lease? Is it within my rights to have this place cleaned by the property management? Is there a way we can get this place inspected?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance.

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    You can always sue to terminate the lease.

    The problem there is you need to find a lawyer willing to handle a small case for a small fee. That is not always easy.

    Many cities in Louisiana have a lawyer referral service sponsored by the the local Bar Association. I would start there. You will be referred to a lawyer willing to handle you case -usually at a reduced fee. I would think it might just take a letter from a lawyer to solve the issue.

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