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      I’m trying to figure out how to go forward with a harassment / doxxing issue. A few months ago, I was contacted by a fake Facebook account in which a man alerted me of a thread online (and also asked me to hook up several times, which was super creepy). I clicked the link that he sent me.

      The link lead me to a public online forum. A thread had been started about me by a nonsensical user name (I’m going to refer to this user as ANONXYZ) and it contained a screen shot of my full name, my photo and a screen shot from a private mommy group in which I made a trivial neighborhood complaint (it was nothing political). I was then sexually berated for 24 hours. The only physical threat was from ANONZYZ in which he said he would “throw something at my car”. After 24 hours of anonymous men making harassing and sexual comments about me, the original poster, ANONXYZ, went back to the thread and posted my address and directions to my house, which lead another user to post my workplace with a link that had my phone number.

      I had absolutely no idea who this could be, but after 2 days of intense research between myself and 3 friends we uncovered who ANONXYZ is. I have about 20 pages of documents with evidence that 100% without a doubt prove his identity. (This documentation as reviewed by 2 lawyers and they both concluded I was 100% accurate). Through our research we found 34,000 comments on this message board made by him. This made the situation more disturbing because ANONXYZ had many posts with disturbing sexual content. We uncovered that ANONXYZ lives about 4 blocks from my house and that he a is a practicing LAWYER (works for himself so, NO, I cannot really contact his employers to report him). I have never met him or his wife in my life, never interacted with them, I didn’t even know they existed. I’m still completely confused what their motivation was for targeting and harassing me.

      I contacted the web admin to remove the post, but my requests were ignored. I filed a police report. The police went to ANONXYZ’s house and filed a report. He did not confirm or deny it was him, and then told the police he was going to file a restraining order against ME (?). I am assuming this was to make me look crazy, because at this point he is probably terrified to have any accountability with the harassment and the other disgusting comments he has made on a public forum.

      The evening after the police paid him a visit, he started going on a mass deleting spree, erasing his most incriminating comments on the public message board and editing a comment that he was going to “throw something at my car”. Fortunately between my husband and my 3 friends we had screenshots of everything. Unfortunately, he did NOT ERASE THE THREAD WITH MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. He allowed all of that to remain until FINALLY the admin of the site erased the thread several days later.

      He then contacted my husband about 3x asking to “meet at the police station”, but would not state WHY. At this point he still has not admitted it was him. We decided it was in our best interest to not meet with him, as a simple admittance of guilt and I’M SORRY I WON’T DO IT AGAIN via email would have been sufficient. But it’s pretty obvious that this guy is not going to put that in writing.

      We considered a lawsuit, but decided it was best to walk away. I sent him an email telling him I was walking away, but if this every happened again there would be a problem. Then it happened again.

      I saw him face to face last weekend at a local outdoor venue. This was the first time I’d actually seen him in real life. We made eye contact. I was very nervous and said “hi”, not sure why I did that, and immediately went the the furthest corner to get away from him. I’m not even sure if he recognized me. That night, I received several harassing text messages from an anonymous Google Voice number on my cell phone referencing the doxxing incident. I don’t think it was a coincidence.

      Is this sort of behavior something that should be reported to the Bar Association? It would be really great if I could somehow make this guy leave me alone without having to go to court. It has been unnerving to say the least.

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      1. This sounds like a great question for your two lawyers to answer:

      … …. (This documentation as reviewed by 2 lawyers
      and they both concluded I was 100% accurate)

      2. Your title should be ‘Possible Bar Complaint’ and not ‘Board of Ethics question’.

      3. Yes – You should figure out how to take effective action.

      3a. A bar complaint seems like a good start.

      3b. A restraining order would also probably be appropriate.
      Look for the appropriate form on the Louisiana Supreme Court site.

      If he is engaging in this sort of behavior with you, then he will engage in this sort of behavior with others. So it would be very important to make the complaint.

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