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    I have been in a battle with my ex for a couple years and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon. I need legal advice from all of y’all to help ending this on-going case.

    Ex wife receives child support and forever alimony. There are two main issues here.
    1. She is trying to increase child support every year.
    2. We are trying to get rid of the alimony.

    Situation: She went back to college and finished her degree after divorce but ended up not using her degree and she is currently in law school. I got promoted and she believes I hide money from her and want to see bank statements. Her lawyer dropped her last year and she is representing herself since she knows how to deal with stuff from her law school. She filed a subpoena to my current wife, to testify for child support case on our trial day and asking my wife to provide bank statements for our joint account. Her reason is because my wife signs and writes a monthly check to her for supports.

    1. We are going to file for harassment. My wife isn’t a party to this case and we feel that she can just subpoena bank statements from me instead of my wife. She also subpoenaed my medical record which has nothing to do with the case. She has no basis to do so. What is the chance that the judge will put a sanction on her for doing this? If the judge puts a sanction on her, will that prevent her from taking a bar exam and becoming a lawyer after she graduates from law school?

    2. Ex wants to see my tax return every year. She is hoping she could increase child support by $30. She is after my money and seems like she would do anything at this point. How can I stop her from filing to increase child support? Since she is representing herself and doesn’t have to pay lawyer fees anymore. She will file whatever she wants. Is there anything I can file to stop her from filing to increase child support annually?

    3. The forever alimony ends when she dies or remarries. Ex has a boyfriend that I strongly believe he supports her. She kept my last name after divorce but a year after she changed her last name to her boyfriend’s. She wears a wedding ring but claims that they did not get married. They spend some nights together during the week. She got a brand new car which I strongly believe her boyfriend has helped her with that. For someone who isn’t working and only receives supports from me shouldn’t be able to afford a brand new car. I feel that they act as if they are married, but I couldn’t find their marriage
    license. What do you suggest I should do on this? She pretty much does everything like a married couple with her boyfriend but doesn’t marry him just so she can continue to receive alimony from me.

    What do y’all think and suggest for my situation?

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